The Sketchbook Project Progress

Even though I haven’t been posting images, I have been working in my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project. I tore out a lot of the pages and glued more pages together. Partly because the pages were so thin for the layering style I like to work in and partly because I didn’t want to commit to so many pages.

materials: washi tape, dictionary pages, paint, sharpie, colored paper, circle paper punch

materials: dictionary pages, paint, sharpie

materials: dictionary pages, circle paper punch, tissue paper, page from flower guide book, scrapbook paper, sharpie, paint

materials: AIGA promotional brochure, washi tape, tissue paper, magazine page, sharpie

materials: paint, fabric, magazine cutout, tissue paper, tracing paper, sharpie

materials:sharpie, found papers (dictionary pages, magazine cutouts, graph paper), pencil, sharpie

I’d say I am about half way through at this point. It has to be post marked by January 15, 2011.



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