Before and After: the Dining Room

The before picture shows the “wall” we took out to open into the dining room. This was a really awkward space right next to the bathroom and opening it has made better use of the space.

You can see 3 of the 4 London Underground map art prints that I bought at the London Transport Museum when I was living in London. The antlers sticking off of the wall are from Bear’s largest deer. Underneath the antlers is the little white house box I created earlier this year.

Getting rid of the heavy blue drapes helped to brighten the room. We still have to get white faux wood blinds for the window to really finish up the room. Once the room was finished  the light fixture didn’t bother me so much so we decided to wait to replace it.

On the wall next to the window, I hung the framed Lisa Wharton print that I bought.

You can see where I painted living room paint samples on the wall outside the dining room.

The table runner was designed my mom and I and she did all the sewing.


I’m SUPER happy with the results of this room and so glad we were able to have it completed for Thanksgiving. The only downside now is that the living room looks so depressing now in comparison to the brightly finished dining room.


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