Show & Tell: Mati Rose McDonough

I first saw Mati Rose McDonough‘s work in Cloth Paper Scissor in 2008 when she was painting elephants and birds.

You can see here that Mati has created the trunks for this Elephant Stampede from of the edges of doilies.

This Tutti Bird is a great example of how Mati pieces here backgrounds together from found bits of paper.

More recently, I have been regularly following her blog and have been inspired by her new Treasure Seeker, which has gotten me seriously amped to paint. I feel like creating these paintings was definitely a messy, thrilling process, something I sometimes struggle with. I don’t like to get dirty; but the dirtier I get, the better the art. I’m loving her teals and blues with accents of pink, orange, red and found papers tucked throughout.

With Mati’s new paintings, she is hoping to ” evoke a sense of wonder, jewels, sun and sea and fill you up to help preserve your treasures.” These paints are so hopeful and bright, I feel like I could just sail off into the sunset. The papers and paint blend seamlessly in all of these paintings, creating a sort of deep ocean experience.

The photo above and below are two of my favorite because Mati has done an excellent job at showcasing her artwork in a real setting. Not only do I love the composition of all 3 pieces of artwork, but the photos make me want to find a jewelry rack to hang my own  jewelry.

In addition to her paintings, Mati has created art for commercial purposes as well. Her iPOP magnets feature her colorful, whimsical animals. And she recently did at-shirt design for Patagonia.

If you would like a piece of Mati’s joyfull art, she offers her originals and prints for sale at her etsy shop Suspect Shoppe


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