Mountain Scouting Trip

After a welcomed lazy Saturday morning, Bear and I headed up to the mountains so that he could start scouting for his hunting trip coming up in two weeks. Never needing an excuse to drive up to the mountains, I went along for the ride. Once we made it up to Silverthorne, we stopped for gas and I spotted Dazbog coffee. A snowy day in the mountains called for a warm treat. I walked out with a s’mores latte and a milkyway latte.

There were several inches of snow and more as we drove up a back road. It was so peaceful and quiet out there.

That’s Bear showing off his the new topper he bought for his truck.

We saw a few elk tracks but no animal sightings. The only time we’ve really seen elk is in or around Rocky Mountain National Park; there it’s always a guarantee we’ll see something.

The snow should start to drive the elk down from the higher mountains. So hopefully Bear has better luck on his trip.


One thought on “Mountain Scouting Trip

  1. Janee says:

    How beautiful! This just confirms that I need to take a mountain drive too! I live in Fort Collins, so I don’t have any excuses.
    Great photographs, thank you for sharing!

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