And Suddenly, I Was at the End

Monday night I completed the Tell Your Story online journal class. It took me almost a full 6 months to complete the 6 week course. I found the end to be a bit anti-clamatic since  the last few posts for the class were more house cleaning rather than journal prompts. At least I had saved the cover for the end, to give it some kinda of a finale.

The photo is a picture of me taken for Prom in high school. The green patterned paper on the left is wall paper from our second bedroom. I used a paint swatch, a dictionary page and traced letters to created the title. The orange bow was from a housewarming gift card.

This was a simple page with a piece of map, colored pencil doodles and sharpie for the journaling.

For the Sunday doodle page, I was fighting the urge to be in my studio and also enjoy the beautiful, sunny day outside. I decided to take my journal outside and sit at the table where I could doodle and journal.

More dictionary pages for this one. I used a pantone color pallet from a magazine and then drew circles with markers in matching colors. Each circle features something that matters to me.

I had my journal open while I was painting and used the open page to clean off my brush to create the colored background. I also used the left over negative shape from one of my owls. In the negative space, I wrote the SARK quote “be who you are and the money will follow” as a reminder to myself about procrastination. I finished the page off with traced letters.

This page I added for myself. I had thought I had another prompt after the “Stop” page and was ready to work in my journal. I had saved the dreams image from an Anthropologie catalog and wanted to use it sooner rather then later. I added punched circles, a paint swatch and paper samples from a Paper Source catalog. I finished it off with some line drawings.

To finish off my journal, because I still had one more page, I added a “The End” or “El Fin” (spanish) page. I used some scraps that I had laying around that included wallpaper from our kitchen, a paint swatch, tracing paper with the word “TELL” on it and a scrap with the lyrics of a song.

After finishing the cover, it felt good to close the completed book and put it on the shelf with my other journals. Now my journaling efforts will be going toward the Sketchbook Project.

To see all my journal pages together check out my flickr site or all my blog posts for Tell Your Story.


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