Steamboat Springs Visit

My weekend away up in Steamboat was a taste of the life of luxury. We stayed in the home of friend’s parents and were wowed as soon as we pulled up to the house. I was only able take one photo before my battery died, but I think the one photo gives a good taste of where we were staying.

Standing at the front door, this is the view into the living room and out the windows. The house across the way is pretty much the same size as the house we were staying in. As you can see the weather wasn’t anything spectacular, but we were pretty content enjoying the novelties of a large house: shuffle board, pool, full bar, TVs in every room, hot tub, fresh coffee by the cup and heated floors.

Fortunately there were still leaves on most trees so we were able to see the fall colors. On Sunday the weather cleared up enough to go for a hike. I was disappointed that I had forgotten my-battery charged-camera because I really enjoyed the white and black contrast of the wet aspens and the bright red berries along the trail.

As much as I enjoy getting away, I always enjoy returning home. Although, I wasn’t ready to return to a chilly house. While we were away, Denver had cooled down as well. It seems fall is here.


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