3 Solid Hours

Last night I spent a full 3 hours in my studio working on new art and the Sketchbook Project. It felt good to spend time creating again.

I am working on three 8×10 canvases that will go together but will work on their own as well. All will have owls as the subject matter, but I haven’t decide how similar they will be yet. Perhaps the same layout in different color ways or just similar in process.

I had thought I was going to draw a tree branch where the white was painted and then decided against it and wiped the paint away.

Here is my first owl, er second owl. The first one is sitting somewhere on the work table. I’m mostly happy with this canvas, but I’m feeling that over it is “too happy” as it is laid out. Right now all the pieces are just sitting on the top. Maybe “too happy” isn’t right…maybe too simple is more correct.

I plan on baking tonight, maybe catching up on some favorite TV shows and packing. I am heading up to Steamboat Springs for the weekend so I’ll have to keep thinking about how I want to move forward while I am away.


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