Show + Tell: Future Art for My House

I absolutely love when I find new artists to be inspired by and excited about. It has been months since I’ve done a Show + Tell and I thought sharing the art that I wanted to put in my home was a great way to bring this feature back.

Last month I discovered the art of Lisa Wharton, a local Denver artist, at Kismet‘s one year anniversary celebration. (Kismet is located across the street from Rejuvanest.)

I instantly loved the birds and bright colors Lisa screen printed onto wooden boards. I immediately thought that when I had more of the house finished, I would love to pick out a piece to put in my home.

The problem really is deciding on which one! I know the colors in the above piece would go great with my studio. For now it is my desktop background.

And the colors here would work in my dining room. To see more of Lisa’s work or to buy art for your own home, go here.


Just yesterday I found the art of Erin Lang Norris, a Wisconsin artist, while blog surfing. She also works on wooden panels.

I was attracted to her use of book pages, similar to my own use of them, her spindly pine trees and celebration flags.

Erin also makes key racks. I have started seeing these pop up at shops around town. They really are a great way to make art functional.

Purchase Erin’s wooden wall art here.


Recently a friend gave me the postcard below, saying it made her think of me. I had actually seen the work of this artist before and was delighted to be reminded of Washington based artist Cori Dantini.

Cori’s “thoughtful artwork for sentimental folk,” features darling illustrations, found papers and punches of color.

I would have to say the above is one my absolute favorites because it really incorporates all my favorite characteristics of Cori’s work: found papers, line drawings in the background, a thick white outline around the figure, flowers and birds.

To purchase Cori’s art, check out her etsy site.


One thought on “Show + Tell: Future Art for My House

  1. erin says:

    aw, thank you so much for the blog write up! and to be featured alongside 2 other amazing artists! you made my day. 🙂

    i will bookmark your blog and come back to read after work today!

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