Best Weekend Recap

My best friend and I have known each other for over 10 years. Besides my family, this is the longest I have known anyone. Ellen-or Elle has she is known now-came to visit over Labor Day weekend. We had a long, fun filled weekend and I enjoyed sharing the Mile High City with her. We spent our time thrifting, looking at cute shops, drinking tea, working in my studio, drinking wine, BBQing and a visiting the mountains.

Even though it was 93 degrees down in Denver, it was a chilly 52 and windy on the top of Mt. Evans.

Ellen was more productive then I was during her visit. She finished one piece of art and was well on her way on the second piece. I got these three 8×10 canvases prepped with the first layer of dictionary pages. These canvases have been sitting in the studio waiting for my return since Labor Day weekend.

I have been doing a few drawings in my sketch book and have ideas of what I want to do on these canves, but no follow through yet… I’m thinking owls.


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