How is That Journaling Class Going?

I had a friend ask me yesterday “O yeah, how is that journaling class going?”

Well I have only 6 pages left to create, the finish line is so close! I did take a break hlaf of September with all of the visitors we had coming and going, but last night I created the first page for would have been June in the class schedule. I believe I will finish this course within 6 months, rather than 6 weeks.

The page on the right uses the inside of an envelope, paint swatch and an illustration from a reading primer

This is the same spread opened up.

This page uses leftover tissue from one of the first pages, handmade paper my mom made when I was in grade school and my washi tape.

The prompt was actually “Summer Goals” but since I created this in late August, I switched it to fall. It’s been such a busy summer that I am welcoming fall and hopefully a slower pace. I really want to make time for my studio, the house and baking again. This is also one of the few-maybe only-times I have used paint. There have been many prompts that called for paint, but I have to be in the right mind set to be willing to deal with paint or willing to wait for it to dry.

This page uses scraps of fabric from my embroidery hoops, an illustration from a floral book I bought in Scotland, a leftover branch illustration I did, graph paper and dictionary paper. This was also sort of a goal page.

This page uses a paint swatch, dictionary page, tracing paper with writing and found paper. The prompt for this talked about giving advice to oneself. I chose to phrase it as a “lesson known” rather than “lesson learned” because I feel like I learn the same lessons over and over sometimes. For me, “not making a decision is a decision” is something I have to remember when I put off doing things because I can’t decide.

This page is all drawing and writing. I used the color wheel to create a place for all the different feelings I had this day.

This prompt was about document a favorite memory. I used a piece of fabric that I used for my embroidery hoops and the mini aprons I made last Christmas, a sticky note in the shape of an L, tracing paper with writing on it, a bubble sticker, and the phone my best friend took of my on our trip to the White Cliffs of Dover.


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