Travel Sketchbook

I bought this little black sketchbook this past winter when I was up in Breckenridge for the weekend. Bear was out skiing while I was out shopping. I have a hard time passing up sketchbooks, especially when they are on sale. I got this little book for $2.99. The problem is that I buy them and then they take on this very “precious” quality where I have a fear of marking up the pages.

It was finally last night that I took the little green wrapper off of the book and put it in my purse. I bought it with just that intention but I was waiting to use up the book I was using-a book full of scrap paper I actually made myself, which helped reduce the “preciousness” of it. When I switched bags early this summer, my old sketchbook didn’t fit and so I stopped carrying one with me.

I found myself collecting scraps of paper with the few doodles and notes I was making. When I brought home another torn out page Monday night I realized this had to stop.

Now I just have to use it.

*UPDATE- I realized this notebook is still sitting right where I placed it for this photo. It has been sitting there for 10 days. So much for that idea….


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