DIY Fabric Embroidery Hoops

One of my favorite projects for my studio was my fabric embroidery hoops.

I found this photo and saved it to my Tumblr back in March, hoping I’d have the opportunity to create something similar. This was my inspiration for my project.

I started looking at thrift stores for used embroidery hoops early this summer. Once I had my eyes open for them they were easy to find. In the end I only bought one new hoop and that was because I was looking for a certain size to complete the arrangement.

I dug through my fabric stash and picked out some fabrics that went with the studio colors and I bought some new fabrics as well. It was a great excuse for me to buy more fat quarters from Fancy Tiger.

Create Your Own Embroidery Hoop Mounted Fabric:

What you need:
-assorted fabrics
-embroideray hoops
-exacto knife

1.Select your fabric and place it over the smaller of the two hoop pieces. Place the larger piece on top and adjust the screw to tighten the fabric. You will probably have to pull on the outer edges of the fabric to make the fabric taunt.

2.Trim the fabric with an exacto knife, holding the blade close to the edge of the hoop and running it along the edge to get a close cut.

3.Once you have created enough hoops, arrange them on the wall and admire your work.


3 thoughts on “DIY Fabric Embroidery Hoops

  1. Barb says:

    Hey Lexis

    Its really looks great!! I can see your personal touches thru the whole room…what a great place for your creative mind….You have such great ideas.

    Love Aunt Barbie…

  2. Selma says:

    I bought my hoops today in deferents sizes & shapes. Can’t wait to do my project.
    Thank you Lexis for share your amazing ideia.

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