The Unveiling Has Arrived!

When we bought our house in April, one of the selling points-at least for me-was the basement workshop.

Before we moved in


The workshop right after we moved in. The room came with an old dresser and cabinet, both painted the same baby blue as everything else. The work bench at the far end got moved into the garage. The sewing machine was mine and has since been declared broken and un-usable.

The Workshop

It was certainly a little dirty, dusty and cobwebby and I knew the baby blue had to go. I picked out my colors early this summer based on this image I found on Print & Pattern.

I was so excited  to pick out Feverish Pink, Zaney Pink, Gleeful, Gladiola and Noval Lilac at the paint store.

I have been posting photos of my progress to give you a taste of the revamp, and too prove that I was working on the studio. But to see all the photos together, check out the photos at our house website.

The finished studio

I have to say that even though I am presenting the studio as finished, there are still a few more details to attend to and with any workspace will evolve as I create in the space. I was really just too excited about the space to wait any longer in sharing.

Bear didn’t understand why I needed to paint the shelf and the wall under the work bench. First, I needed to get rid of all that blue and second, I aways get so excited to see the bright colors of my studio as I walk toward the room.

This shelf is the perfect place to keep my 1950’s encyclopedia’s, dictionaries and scrabble games.

I already had a set of four cork boards that I picked up at an art supply swap and over Labor Day weekend, I picked up 8 more at a yard sale for 50 cents. They were the perfect addition to my studio, especially because they covered an uneven paint job. AND, I’ve always wanted a wall covered in cork board.

The Gleeful green wall turned out even better than I could have hoped. I painted the blue cabinet white and used a left over sheet from another project to create a curtain to block the closet.

This would have to be my favorite picture of my studio. It is certainly the most “done” corner of the space. All summer I collected embroidery hoops from thrift stores. I have a hard time leaving most fabric shops with a fat quarter or two and the hoops were a perfect place for me to display my fabrics.

One of the best things that I inherited in the workshop was this magnetic strip. It is the perfect place to store my tools.

I will continue to add photos as I add more pieces of flair to my studio. Right now my challenge is creating a working space. Currently I have supplies stuffed in drawers and boxes. But as I start to work, I will find homes for all my supplies.

I hope to be posting new art soon now that I have this fabulous new space to create in.


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