Art of Home

I started this project back in April and just finished it this past weekend.

But really the thought process for this project began March of 2009 when I bought this wooden display house.

Wooden House with paint

When I discovered the work of Jane Schouten, I was inspired to move forward with this project.

Wooden house in progress

Once I knew we were buying our house, I used our new house as the starting point for this piece.

Wooden house in progress

I used my collection of found papers to fill in all the little squares.

Wooden house almost completeI added scrabble letters to spell out “HOME,” paper that lined the kitchen cupboard, fabric from Bear’s grandma and my mom, images from a flower book I bought in Scotland, music and dictionary pages, magazine pages from high school, a fortune I had kept in my purse since February and the cork from the champagne on closing day. To top of the house, I put the metal cross my dad had given me in college for my car.

That’s the finished piece, siting on the shelf in my studio against the pink wall.

I used run-on letters and lyrics from Ben Gibbard’s You Remind Me of Home. Finally, I poured resin (that I bought almost 5 years ago, I was waiting for the “right project.)

I am excited to finish the dining room and hang my artwork up on the wall. And I have already begun working on my next wooden house.


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