“Half Way” Point

The Tell Your Story project  has been carrying me well through the summer. I believe I recently hit the “half way” point in the class. Really the start of this class, coinsides with the closing of our house-there is a 3 day difference. So I have been working on finishing this journal while I have been working on finishing the house.

Above is another progress photo of the studio. I had just painted the left wall “funky yellow.” The color doesn’t look so bad this photo, but it didn’t turn out to be the yellow green I was hoping for. Instead, it was “caution” yellow. I picked out a new green and painted over the yellow with fabulous results. I have one more wall to paint and then all the painting will be done in the studio.

The first picture features a simple page along with a page devoted to my best friend. It’s quite fitting as she will be coming to visit in a week and a half.

I am sure my bff will be glad to know I’m sharing her junior year picture with the world. She has always loved classic films, which is why I included the film strip of old movies. The two tickets on the bottom are from my visit to NYC to see her a year and a half ago. I stuck with a black and white and red color scheme, but that tends to be her wardrobe, as much as I beg her to wear another color.

Since I had to glue the picture down, I typed out what she had written to me on the back of the picture. I love my foxy lady and can’t wait to spend 5 days with her over Labor Day weekend!

This page uses phone book pages, something I have begun to use a lot of lately. We recently received our city phonebook and since I don’t have a need for it, rather than throwing it away, I’ve turned it into another art supply. For those of you who don’t what to receive a phonebook anymore, there is usually a page in your local book that directs you to a web page to stop future deliveries. I also used a ledger page. I had picked up a whole stack of this paper at a yard sale that weekend. Finally I finished the page by drawing some houses and journaling.

Again, more phone book pages, a scrap of used graph paper and the label to chapstick. I mimicked the line drawing from the chapstick all over the background and added some journaling.

The above spreads deal with two totally different things, but the colors of both go so well together and look really nice next to each other.

This page was about a hidden message. I wrote in green on yellow paper so that I knew the message was there and in person I can read the text, but photographs far away hide the text. I used the same line pattern from the previous page again here and phone book pages and graph paper. The birds are from an envelope that held a target gift card. When a friend gave me the card, I was excited because I had seen the design posted on designer jots, a blog I follow, and knew instantly it was designed by Carolyn Gavin. The colors on that envelope, actual are pretty close to the colors I picked for my studio. The pink polka dot paper actually originally wrapped flowers I received in high school.

This page allowed me to use the scraps of fabric left over from a project for my studio. I have a hard time throwing away scraps, especially fabric scrapes because I love the patterns so much! I used a page from a Martha Stewart Magazine for the main image, as well as a few other pages to pull in all the items I would like for a party. I hope to be able to throw myself a pretty birthday party this fall.

I think one of my favorite parts about this project has been using the variety of scraps I have saved over the years. Being able to remember the origin of most of them and remembering the history of each scrap to share here has been fun as well. I truly never throw a scrap away, as you can tell by how long I have kept some of these pieces.

As always, to see all of the journal pages together, check out my flickr.


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