Getting Busy

I’ve been busy Telling My Story. Tell Your Story pages

I did another fold out page to make sure I would have enough pages for the entire class.

For this page I used a paint strip I picked up at Sear recently just because I liked the pinks. The photo was taken in the spring right before we moved. It has pink tones to it, so the swatch went well. Since I found my washi tape, I’ve been using it in most pages.

I wrote on a piece of paper and folded it up and tucked it in a piece of paper I cut a curved slit in.

The Pantone chips were from me trying to choose a color for the 2nd bedroom. Back in 2004 I had a SARK calendar, I saved almost ever page, eventually I went through and saved only the ones with quotes that resonated with me. I find this one particularly inspiring. I traced the “NEED MORE” letters on tracing paper.

The photo strip on the right is from my sophomore year of college when I took photography. It was fun to get in the dark room, but I wasn’t ever very good at it. I am still working on my photographer’s eye. I got an izone for my 18th birthday, I took several photos with it for a few years and didn’t do a lot with any of them: I have a whole stack of self portraits. This one here is from college.

The note on the bottom is from the opening of my show last year. I realized days later that I spelled fabulous wrong, but maybe that’s another reason I’m fabulous! I still have one one bubble open as I just couldn’t come up with one last fabulous trait. As it is the ones I picked feel sorta bland. Maybe I will fill the last bubble with “Spelling creatively.”

These spreads represent my highs and lows.

This is my “high” page. These bright colors make me happy. I took this photo out of the window in the condo I stayed at in Paris with my aunt and uncle in 2006. I must have had an extra print for this to have been tossed in the scraps box I dig through. The page next it was torn from a free magazine I picked up in Scotland that same summer. The fabric at the bottom are pieces I trimmed off of the mini aprons I made. I traced the same letters on tracing paper again to spell “HAPPY PLACE.” I finished off with some journaling on the top.

This page uses two separate magazine pages that I had torn out and saved for years. One had 2002 printed on the edge. This page represents low points so I chose dark, more monotone colors. I used cut up masking tape to create a place to write. And added some washi tape.

I have been making a point to use pieces that I have saved for years. That includes magazine pages I have saved, old photos and random embellishments. I can’t believe that I remember when I acquired most of this stuff.


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