Sneak Peak

O the painting! It will never end at my house and I am questioning my choice of 4 colors for my studio. It is the same amount of acutaul painting, but I have to change out my brushes and rollers and stop and start so many times since I can only do one wall at a time.

It took 4 coats just to get the coverage that I wanted for this pink wall.

But I love  that pink wall. The wall opposite is a darker pink, or trying to be anyway. I have 2 coats on and the holes that I patched with putty are showing through. I’m trying to ignore that what I really need to do is put a primer over the whole wall and try again. In the mean time I have started the wall to the left.

I picked  out “funky yellow,” it’s bright with a green tone to it. I am not impressed with the first few strokes on the walls. It is looking more neon yellow. Rather than the bright sophisticated look I was going for, with those pinks on either side, it feels like a child’s room. Since I started, I’m going to finish the yellow, but I might be picking a new color to paint over. I’m just hoping I still like the orange I picked out for the final wall.


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