Thrifted Illustrations

A few months ago I went on a trip to the Goodwill Warehouse. This is where all thrift goods go to die. Everything is thrown into huge bins which you must practically have to climb into in order to shift through all of the items. And everything is sold by the pound.

There wasn’t a whole lot of order to the merchandise, toys were mixed with kitchen items, office supplies with toiletries. There were two huge bins of shoes. However, you were lucky if you could find  two matching shoes. Bear searched for 15 minutes in an attempt to find the match to an old ice skate with no luck. I kept busy sifting through 2 bins of books. I dug into the bins, finding some of my own childhood favorites and remembering the delight the books brought me.

Remembering that everything was sold by the pound, I was careful to not get too carried away and walk away with a tall stack of books. Paper gets heavy! I should know, most of my art supplies are paper and wow, did those boxes start to get  heavy during our move.

I ended up with a box to hold magazines and two older books. All for $1.62. Bear wondered what I wanted with a introductory piano primer from 1987 and a children’s book about traveling in space from 1964. For the illustrations of course!

Space Alphabet was printed in 4 colors, blue, orange, brown and black. Different colors were created by overlapping the colors or screening back a color. I particularly love the V page, which says “V is for the voyage to the moon and back,” when in 1964 the US had not even landed on the  moon.


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