Another Project to Begin

My sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project arrived this week.

Fortunately I have until January to complete this project. I can only hope that I will be done with Tell Your Story by then. Of course I plan to start this project before Tell Your Story is complete.

I have made progress with the completion of another page. The focus for this page was more on the technique rather than the prompt itself. I struggled with finding imagery that worked with the “picture-in-picture” effect.

I used two images from the April issue of Martha Stewart Living I bought when we bought our house.

Also I found my washi tape! These journal pages have had so many prompts including washi tape in the samples and I have been unable to use mine since I didn’t know what box it was in. I used just a small bit of the teal on the top of this page.

I would like to have flower bouquets on my table more often. I really like the poppies in the background image and think the wilder non traditional flower choices are so much more fun.


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