Keeps Me Creating

I am continuing my slow progress with the  Tell Your Story class.

Even though I wasn’t able to stay up to date with the class, I am glad that I signed up dispite being busy with the house at this point in my life. Having the prompts and the goal to complete the class-however long it takes me- has kept me creating at a time when I may not have had my own motivation.

It has also given me a chance to pull from my stash of papers. The above left spread uses orange grid paper that I tore out of an agenda book from 2007 and a scrap of fabric leftover from my quilt. The right spread uses tissue paper from a house warming gift, pages torn from a catalog, dictionary and notebook. The hand drawing is from a Starbucks brochure and of course a paint swatch.

This page uses magazine pages I have saved since high school.

This page uses more of the orange grid paper and dictionary page. I took the photograph in Wisconsin when I was 17 when I still used a film camera.


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