Over That Bump

I was able to finally get over my prompt stump  and move forward with the journaling class. As the final week draws to a close there is a part of me that wishes I would have followed the days along, even if I  could not keep up with the journal work itself. I am sure it will take me to the end of summer to complete all 6 weeks worth of prompts, but I look forward to completing it. I am not always the best at following through with a project to the end.

The quilt is  making progress. Thankfully my mom has been visiting and I got her help to get me over some final  hurdles. I’m not sure I would have known how to finish it properly without her. Perhaps by next  week I will be sharing finished photos  in our finished bedroom!

Below are the latest pages for Tell Your Story.

For this page I used just a few of the hundreds of  photos my dad had saved and that I know have.

This was the prompt that I had been stuck on for over a week. I finally took the plunge and just created something. There is no right answer for journaling. I pulled that big circle star sticker off the wall of my studio. The man who used to live in the house used that space for model  airplanes another projects.

I knew I would be short a few pages so I added a fold out page here.

This page gave a reason to use a few of the many magazine pages I have saved over  the years. The three girls comes  from a YM magazine in high school. I had saved it for so long because I absolutely LOVED  the background of flowers. The Kodak negative frame came from a 1984 photography magazine of my step dad’s. And of course I used paint chips!

If you would like to see all the pages I have created together so far, check out my Tell Your Story flickr stream.

I have been making slow progress with the beautification of my studio. Every step I make I see just how dirty it really is in there. I don’t think the room had really been used for 25 years. The woman who sold the house was about 90 and her husband had passed away 25 years ago. I have painted the work table white to brighten up the room and have begun working on the ceiling. Which I think will be the most time consuming surface in there. There are so many cords and bumps up there it won’t be a simple roller job. Once the ceiling is done I’ll be taking out the pink, orange,  yellow and purple paint I bought!!


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