Craft Show Catch Up

I am delayed in posting pictures from my last two craft shows. The Crafty Ballyhoo show happened over a month ago and the Jonesy’s Art Bazaar was over a week ago.

Despite being very cold in the garage that was hosting the event, Crafty Ballyhoo was quite a success! All of us artists were bundled up against the cool breezes blowing in. But it didn’t keep the people away. Thank you everyone in Denver who attended the event!

It is always so exciting to meet the people purchasing my artwork. Hearing all their kind words and hearing them ooohh and aahh over how adorable everything is the best encouragement.

The Jonesy’s Art Bazaar was not as big of a success, but I made a few sales and enjoyed talking to the other artists. I met a woman who offered to share her booth space with me next month. I will be off to my 4th craft fair on June 26th at the Sweet Williams Market, at Stapleton’s Founder Green at 29th and Syracuse in Denver.


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