Show + Tell: Valentina Ramos

It has been awhile since the last Show + Tell post and I am excited to present Valentina Ramos, a Venezuelan artist based in Miami. A graphic designer by trade, she has turned to illustration after 15 years in the design world.  I found her work featured on the Print + Pattern blog several weeks ago and I was inspired by her intricate drawing style.

She creates prints, paintings and drawings which are available for sale on her etsy site.


For months this was the background on my computer at home. To me it was a random illustration I had found and liked. In my research for this post, I found that it belonged to Valentina and was happy to put two and two together.

Personalized Cute Elephant

Close up of Sunshine

Looking at Valentina’s art up close reveals her beautiful line work. The black ink that she enjoys so much in prevalent through much of her art. Her illustrations remind me of an adult coloring book and I am wanting to color in all her lines and shapes. I could imagine Valentina has a lot of fun creating these pieces. I really get lost looking at her artwork, my eye continues to wonder and never gets lost.

Cute Little Fishes

The lines and bubbles create a whimsical water effect in this underwater fish world print. Seeing such intricate work always makes me wonder if the final piece was the first attempt or if there were many sketches and drawings done beforehand to work out how all the lines will fit together.

In addition to her prints paintings and drawings available on her etsy site, Valentina’s art can be seen on other everyday items. Below are the iphone and itouch cases available through Uncommon

Just the other day I was asked if my own artwork was available in fabric form. Unfortunately, at this point it is not, but I am hoping that one day my own artwork will be translated to fabric. Valentina used Spoonflower to create these pillows. Wouldn’t these brighten up any room?

Follow Valentina’s newest creations on her blog and maybe after browsing through just a few of Valentina’s art pieces, you’ll be jonesing for your own black pen.


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