A Few Pages

I have caught up by a wee bit on my Tell Your Story journaling class. Currently, I am on “day four” in my journal.

Below is the spread for prompts #1 and #2. For the one on the right I tried to make an effort to use a different color scheme. Although the pink and blue still crept in. The photo was taken in college with my izone camera. I have a whole stack of photos I took back then and haven’t done anything with them.

Also, I used the paint swatch of the color we choose to paint our bedroom-pussywillow. It had a nice punch out spot for me to place my izone photo. One of the great things about painting our house is that I actually have an excuse for obsessively picking out paint swatches at the store-a habit I picked up in college.

What I have enjoyed about this class so far, is that even though I am too busy to keep up with the class day-to-day, these prompts have been helpful for me to handle to stress I have been feeling lately. The class has helped me to find in my journal the outlet it once was.

I made the 3rd prompt interactive by folding over the graph paper.

This page was actually created partially in the dark, as Bear was working on our electrical situation and kept shutting the power off. I worked in very dull light as I wrote ‘what I want more than anything” and each word in the boxes at the bottom. On closer inspection I see that writing in the dark, I mis-spelled body on the bottom.

Even though the prompts have been different, my own content has been somewhat similar across the pages. I guess that goes to show how all things are connected and that when something is one my mind it comes out in many ways.

Prompt #4 was a simpler page.

We were encouraged to use negative space to create texture for a simple entry. I used a left over piece of tissue paper from a previous page and some colored pencils.

My studio evolves daily, as I find the time to unpack and organize. Because I want to paint the walls and table, I have not done a whole lot of organizing. I did finally put some items in the built in drawers and I set out my paints.

The wooden shelf was taken off the wall of the kitchen and is just the right fit for my craft paint. I was super excited to discover that my scissors can hang on the metal strip previously attached to the wall. My scissors will always be at hand now.


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