Falling Behind

We are moved into our new home. I knew we would have a lot of house projects, but I have been overwhelmed by the amount of things to do. I must balance the indoor house projects, with the outdoor house projects and my own personal projects. Plus I must work an 8 hour day and find time to relax and socialize.

We certainly found time to socialize this weekend with Bear’s birthday party/house warming party. I loved having so many people in our kitchen at one time and we were so proud  to show off “grandma’s house” as it has been nicknamed. Saturday was filled with a relaxing Sunday and virtually no house projects.

Amidst the wallpaper removal, painting and unpacking, I did find one night last week to journal for my Tell Your Story Class. I am already more  than a week  behind on the prompts, but that’s okay as we are encouraged to follow at our own pass. I do get excited as I scroll down to the bottom to find where I am at in the class and see all the eye catching material to look forward to.

Day "One"

This prompt was very fitting with all the change currently in my life. It allowed me to document my goals for a new start and reflect on where I wanted to be going.

One of my goals with this journal was to use up scraps I have held on to for years. The yellow strip on the left was collected at my old job. The pink flower was part of a package of die cut flowers I bought in early college. This flower is actually the photocopied version I made because even then I couldn’t part with the real thing. The top piece is contact paper from our kitchen. And the congratulations text was saved from Paper Source‘s catalog from awhile back. I noticed the color scheme is very similar to the first page I did.

Above is my current studio set up. I have yet to do any unpacking. I mostly fumble through drawers and boxes looking for the materials I need. I daydream about paint colors and wonder when I will start the studio project.


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