First In a Long Time

Today I created my first journal page for the Tell Your Story journal class that I am taking. I had intentions of doing this last night and all day today, but it wasn’t until late afternoon-and a few errands later- that I sat down to tackle my first page.

The first step was choosing a journal to use. My first instinct was a large 11×17 book full of thick craft paper that I bought in London at Paperchase. I have only used about 5 pages in this book. I was so excited when I bought it to create big prolif work. But when I returned to the states, it quickly began collecting dust. I think I have added 1 or 2 pages since then. I have been back from London since the Fall of 2007.

But then I thought that such a big book would be too intimidating for my first jump back into visual journaling. I seriously had at least 7 books to choose from. You see I have a bit of a weakness for journals. I ended up picking another book I bought in London. This one was purchase at Muji and is an 8 in. x 8 in. book filled with thick craft paper. It was still in the bag I bought it in, to protect it. It’s original intention was to be used for my graphic design portfolio, but I ended up going with a 12 in. x 12 in. kraft paper book I bought at Paperchase.

So today I chose the 8×8 book because it was never going to be a portfolio book. It has 40 pages, perfect for the 36 assignments I will be getting. I wanted a book that could be filled by this class and not be left with blank pages at the end.

The purpose of this page was basically an introduction. I posted my page to the flickr page for the group and browsed through some of the other entries. And I began to think I hadn’t done it “right”  and  wondered if I hadn’t introduced myself correctly. I had to remind myself what a silly thought this was to have, considering the purpose of this class.

While digging for a journal today, I came across a book with 10 pages completed. I started this in college as part of a final design project. A quote I had glued in felt completely right today:

“There are exquisite pains and gifts within procrastination. When we put off begining or completing a creative dream, we escape judgement and failure.”



One thought on “First In a Long Time

  1. jenna m says:

    i really love the idea of this! if i had an extra $60 i’d definitely sign up. i look forward to following your progress, i hope you post a lot of it!


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