Show + Tell: Dolan Geiman

I first saw Dolan Geiman’s work a few years ago, although I don’t remember where exactly. Now he seems to pop up ever few months on blogs that I follow. And everytime I see his work, I think, “yes, I really like his use of old wood, paint and mixed media imagery.” And make a note to fuller investigate this artist at a later date.

Finally, the time has come to do that investigation.

Dolan Geiman Amherst County

Amherst County

Dolan has a wonderful website featuring his southern styled contemporary work and I suggest you read about his artwork here.

Cherry Tree Under Brightwell Creek

Cherry Tree Under Brightwell Creek

Dolan uses a variety of techniques to create his layered master pieces. Above, I am particularly fond of the cut out birds which show through to panels of old wood.

Paris Melody 2

Paris Melody 2

“Scraps from old textbooks and nature magazines, handwritten civil war love letters, metal ornaments, wooden nickels and other discarded ephemera find their way into his work”

I can only imagine Dolan’s hunt for the treasures he uses in his artwork is as much of a joy as creating the finished piece of artwork.

April Evening I

April Evening I

Browsing through Dolan’s vast collection of artwork on his website could easily take up an afternoon, and perhaps could inspire the most unsparked artist (I speak with myself in mind.)

Check out his touring schedule for the summer to see if he is coming to a town hear you for the opportunity to see his work in person.


2 thoughts on “Show + Tell: Dolan Geiman

  1. Ali Walsh @ Dolan Geiman says:

    Hi Lexis,
    Thanks so much for the blog love. You picked some great works for this post…some of my favorites, too! It’s a small world. We’ve been considering stocking with Hello Bluebird, one of your brick and mortar retailers. Maybe our work will be hanging out together some time in the near future.

    We’ll be sure to include a link to this post in our March newsletter, scheduled for distribution tomorrow.

    Happy Spring!

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