Slowly But Surely

I am slowly returning to a more balanced life after the off scheduled January and February I have had. I haven’t really attempted to create anything new, but I did finally finish the canvas that was sitting for over a month. It really didn’t require a whole lot of additional work. Just a bit of glue, some writing and sealing the finished piece. It had sat there long enough that I decided I liked it just fine the way it was.

I also was rather ambitious and not only scanned the artwork, but also prepared all my files so I can send new cards and prints off to the printer. Check out the Gallery to see what’s new!

I had a bit of motivation as I applied to be in a craft fair in April through the Denver Handmade Alliance. I was running low on all the popular prints anyway and needed to re-order, so I thought it’d be a good time to add some new art to the mix. I find out mid March if I got into the fair or not.

Since I wasn’t feeling motivated to create art, I joined the BF up at the mountain condo this weekend. I haven’t had the urge to ski this year, so I hit the shops while he hit the slopes. I found these sketch books at Borders and just couldn’t resist: I have a serious weakness for sketchbooks. They remind me of the moleskins a bit, but for a fraction of the price. For $10 I got 2 new sketch books.

I also ordered two new books yesterday. I prefer to browse books at the stores and then order them online. And I had enough credit card points to redeem them for a $25 gift card to Amazon. I am hoping these new books will help me find the creative spark I have been lacking so far in 2010.

Journal Spilling

Journal Spilling:Mixed-Media Techniques for Free Expression by Diana Trout

Creative Awakenings

Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Though Art by Sheri Gaynor


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