Show + Tell: Jen Skelley

It’s time for Show + Tell again!

For today’s share, I went to my tried and true list of artists from Naive Modernism. I actually had a hard time choosing-limiting-the examples of Jen Skelley, an illustrator from Eastern Massachusetts. She is one of the many illustrator’s out there who inspires me to draw more.

For obvious reasons it was her birds that caught my eye*.

Sandi-hand screen printed art print 8x10 for sale on Etsy

Love Birds-limited edition screen print 12.5x12.5 for sale on Etsy

Birds Leaves pattern

But once I did some further research on Jen, I found she has a large variety of illustrations subjects. Her Etsy shop is full of prints of birds, bears, cats, drop caps, tea cups and houses, as well as t-shirts with her floral illustrations.

Birdhouse-8x10 Handprinted art print

Hot Air Balloon

In her professional career she has the to opportunity to design clear stamps, gig posters for bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, ands cards for Border’s Bookstore and other outlets.

Stamps for Hero Arts

Death Cab for Cutie gig poster

I will let you do the rest of the exploring. Check out Jen’s website, flickr stream and blog to see more of her work.

*All images from Jen’s Etsy site, website, flickr stream and blog.


One thought on “Show + Tell: Jen Skelley

  1. linda says:

    Oh my gosh, that’s who designed the hero arts stamps! Jen’s work is fabulous and super adorable…thanks for sharing the info, I have to go check out the site now. I love how there’s so much out there to inspire all of us.

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