Our Solo Christmas

I’ve finally had a chance to go through (the few) Christmas photos I had taken and wanted to share. We spent Christmas here in Colorado just the 2 of us this year but we had a nice time.

We went in early December to get our tree at a local lot. I am always amazed at the price of christmas trees. We settled on a shorter tree to keep the price under $50. Next year I’m going to try to plan to get a permit and go out to the forest to cut our own tree.

For Christmas eve, the Boyfriend and I went to Denver’s Botanic Gardens to view their holiday light display. It was pretty cold that night, so we were bundled up pretty good. We bought the 3-D glasses they offered so when we looked at the lights I saw snowflakes and the Boyfriend saw snowmen. It was pretty entertaining looking up at the sky and see the light of a plane turn into a flying snowmen.

After the lights, we came home and made a lamb dinner with potatoes and I started the homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. I am still working with baking time with our smaller oven and the high altitude and was disappointed when I over  baked the cinnamon rolls. They were still good, just a little dry. There weren’t many presents under the tree this year since we got a new TV as our present. Mom made me a set of 4 ornaments and tucked some money in the openings.


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