Show + Tell: Favorite Etsy Finds

I thought I would do something a bit different for this Show + Tell and share some of my favorites on Etsy. I could get lost all day on Etsy looking though all the great artwork and crafts the site has to offer. It is often a source of inspiration for my own work.

• Handcrafted Delights by Delica has some wonderful felted acorns. I think the the real acorn top is the true “topper” on this object. You can own a set of 10 blue acorns for $18.

• Wildly Woody Shop also offers felted acorns. Get your set of 5 white felted acorn ornaments.

• Raedunn’s shop offers porcelain fortune cookies with inspiring words stamped on the outside.

• Michele Maule has beautiful mixed media collages incorporating paint, drawing and bits and pieces. Below is an original piece titled “You Told Me”. I am particularly fond of the white berries.

• The Carambatack shop offers artwork by Norwegian artist Annette Mangseth. Her illustrations are done on vintage book pages. This 13 x 18cm print is currently on sale for $10.

KristinaMarie offers unique paper garlands using vintage and collected papers. This one uses old Hymnal sheets and colorful appliqued circles.

See more
and more of my favorite Etsy finds.

*All images pulled from Etsy member sites.


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