First Piece of 2010

This project was in response to all the love I get for the “Kiss Your Children” print/card that I offer. I’d had a suggestion for a more masculine version. This gave me a good reason to try elephants for a change from the birds.

I was able to create this piece in 2 sessions last week. Some gluing and painting one night and some drawing, cutting and finishing touches another. This is one of two canvases that I attempted to start in November or December without much luck, so I pasted dictionary pages over the whole thing for a clean slate.

paint, gesso, tea bag

And look at this!

I have suprised myself in how quickly I have begun to tackle one of my resolutions. This sketchbook was one of two in a pack I bought last Fall when an art supply store was going out of business-everything 50%, I was in heaven! But after pulling off the plastic wrap and being disappointed by the texture of the paper, I shoved it in a closet. I pulled it out this weekend thinking it would be a good place to keep pages of drawings because I didn’t care about the sketchbook.


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