Here are My Resolutions

I thought it was finally time to properly sort my 2010 Resolutions:

>I would like to draw more. I’m not talking about sketching still lives or even people. I would like to fill er, use a sketchbook to collect pages of birds, sailboats, elephants, owls, bird cages and other objects. Similar to these pages, but I’d like to keep going, to keep drawing until the shapes feel right.

>I think that it is time to re-evaluate the Lexisworks logo. I’m not sure what the final outcome of this re-evalution will be. But I think that it is time for some change. It could be a tagline change, adopting official logo colors, branding the logo out further, or scraping it all together. The toughest part of this project will be sitting down to start. It has been in my mind and I have already been collecting some samples to draw inspiration from.

>I am collecting my internet scraps in one place now. This is actually a resolution I started early. Watch what’s catching my eye at Things I Find.

>I have been telling myself 2110 would be the year to grow Lexisworks. I know that “grow” should be accompanied by some sort of concrete plan, like a business plan, or add one product or 2 shops. But I’m not quite ready for that, so grow is the word I am focusing on.

>Poppytalk said it best *Tell friends they are amazing.* But I had already wanted to do a better job at appreciating my friends this coming year. I want to be more on top of birthdays and also the “just because” moments.

>And there is always the eat better. I am trying to be more conscious about the types of food I choose to put in my body. I know what I’m supposed to be eating, it’s just the choice to eat it. But I don’t believe in giving up all the good stuff either. It is always the task of balancing.

All of these resolutions are thoughts that have been in my head for months now and have wanted to act upon. But it’s the acting that proves to be the most difficult. But then again that is really the essence of every choice-the carry through. Perhaps writing them down and setting the intention will help.


2 thoughts on “Here are My Resolutions

  1. rachel carlson says:

    lexis, these all sound great, cheers to you. i really like your logo now though. especially: get cape. wear cape. fly. good luck with 2010, i’ll be watching you. you are simply amazing. xoxo!

    • lexisworks says:

      Well technically the Get Cape-Fly is the name of a band that I just threw on my blog masthead, it’s not really tied with the Lexisworks logo. I’ll probably just end up modifying and cleaning up the current logo, adding a more specific tag line and finalizing some branding colors.

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