Journal Calendar: Year in Review

This was a resolution that I did stick to, even if I wasn’t always on time.

•create one page a month in my calendar from last year

Before I show the last two pages-November and December- I thought I’d share the previous 11 pages all in one post.


Take note of the orange and red leaves I’ve used on this one. They come full circle at the end of this post.






This was a belated “June” page created in July.


Going through the archives, I’m finding that I never posted August’s page. That may be because although I started the page by glueing down some random scraps, I never officially finished the page. I was well into October when I decided to give up on the page, paint some wax on it and call it good.




And now for the unveiling of the final two pages. I remembered in November  that I had to create the one page, but with Thanksgiving drawing near and the prep involved…and quite honestly, the “I don’t want to” won. So I sat down today and created November and December pages. I went through the little box of scraps I keep on my desk and tried to use of some stuff.

This is where the orange leaves come in. I found them laying on the bottom of the box. For the most part, I tried to use scraps for all of these pages. I have a habit of keeping all the little pieces that don’t work out for other work, but find I don’t really have a use for them later… Until I sit down to do the journal calendar page.


This page also includes:

part of an old page-bottom left corner
tea tag-bottom right corner
fabric used on my holiday card-bird shape
the contact paper shapes pulled off of my bordo bello board
a quote disk picked up at a coffee shop
more leaves left over from a project


It wasn’t a 100 percent on purpose, but once I noticed I was doing it, I went for the holiday theme on this one.


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