This One Goes Out to My Bestie

The best present I ever received was for my seventeenth birthday. It was a postcard…

…from my favorite artist-Sabrina Ward Harrison. I got this postcard because my best friend contacted Sabrina requesting a postcard to be sent to me for my birthday.

Sabrina Ward Harrison Postcard

And this year I got my first piece of Sabrina Ward Harrison artwork (albeit mass produced piece.) Thanks again to my bestie. Thanks so much!

I first discovered Sabrina’s book Spilling Open when I was working at the library my Junior year of high school. I was checking books in and her book caught my attention. It was on my birthday list and a few months later I had my own copy.

It’s hard for me to fully describe the work of Sabrina Ward Harrison. Her style and technique are obviously evident in my own work. And that is because I owe the fact that I continue to create to her. I had always been a creator, the daughter of an artist meant growing up with art supplies and never ending projects. But after reading Spilling Open, I bought tubes of acrylic paint-some of which I still have 9 years later!- and started collaging. The process wasn’t -and still isn’t-always constant. But it is there. I still return to Spilling Open when I need guidance. The most important thing I pulled from her books are the issues that all females go through and realizing and somestimes re-remembering-that it is something we all feel.


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