Show + Tell: Jane Schouten

Netherland’s artist Jane Schouten, of All the Luck in the World, was on several blogs a few months ago. Jane’s work “is an eclectic mix of found treasures, treasured trash and (almost) forgotten memories all brought together by cutting, pasting, drawing, sewing and embroidering.”

If you follow some of the same blogs I have, you may have already seen her work. This was the image that first caught my attention.

It’s probably obvious why Jane’s work appeals to me. Her use of found materials, drawings and layers of paper are techniques I use in my own artwork. Also a graphic designer, Jane is an “artist who loves to combine found and thrifted articles and add a personal touch.”

Browsing through her website, I found the below pieces which gave me such great inspiration.

These pieces have given me inspiration to finish a similar unpainted wooden object that I posted about in March.

I picked this up at a thrift store in March for $1.99.

At the time, I thought “this would make a great project.” But I just couldn’t come up with the right idea… Until I found Jane’s work. So sometime in the near-ish future I will be doing something similar to Jane’s work. This will be one of the first projects I purposely make for myself.

See more of Jane’s work on her flickr site.


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