Bordo Bello Complete

Back in October, I signed up to decorate a skateboard for Bordo Bello. The boards are then auctioned off for a charity. Bordo Bello is hosted by AIGA Colorado – all proceeds from the auction go to Youth Design Denver, a designer summer internship program, and Access Gallery, a local initiative promoting the power of people with disabilities. The boards are due tomorrow and the event is December 11, 2009 at 6pm at Andenken Gallery in Denver. If you’re around and would like to attend, RSVP here, tickets are $15.

Coordinating the completion of the board with the preparation for the Holiday Handmade craft fair, and scheduling in social time, holiday family time and relaxation time, plus working has left me a bit out of steam. I finished the board last night and will spend the rest of this week packaging cards and prints and working on the display for the craft fair. I am excited about both of these events, as they are great publicity for me and Lexisworks, but I am also looking forward to next week when all the work will be done. I think the rest of December will be spent taking a break from the deadlines and returning to more personal craft projects. I hope to finished the quilt before 2010.

I started by cutting out stencils from contact paper.

Then I glued on torn strips of pages from a dictionary.

Next, I added layers of paint with a roller and a dry brush.

I've skipped ahead here. I peeled off the contact paper to reveal the wood board underneath. On tracing paper, I created boxes of color with colored pencil and glued the paper to the board. I typed out the three lines of text on an old type writer. (Sometimes in order to be found, we must be lost first)

I added vinyl letters for the red text.

I also drew trees on tracing paper with a permanent marker and then cut them out.


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