Photo Shoot + Secret Sale

Yesterday morning at 6:45 am I had a photo shoot in my dining room. Natural light is best when taking product photographs. Seeing as I don’t get home until after dark, and didn’t want to wait for the weekend, 6:45 am was the only day light available to me this week.

I created my own little photo studio on the dining room table right by the window. I used some white felt for the back drop and enjoyed playing with the package bows for decoration.

I started listing items on Etsy last night and will continue to add items through out the week. For those of you looking for holiday cards this season, please check out Lexisworks on Etsy. I mentioned in my last post there was going to be a sale on Christmas card orders:

*Any order of Christmas cards over $10 will receive a free print with purchase. Please mention the phrase “Doodle Doodle” in the comments section and indicate the print you would like.

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