Show + Tell: Jess Volinski

Today’s Show + Tell was found in the current issue of HOW magazineJess Volinski is a freelance designer, working in illustration, surface design and hand lettering.

“Blending hand-made and digital techniques, Jess’s signature style is a organic combination of flowing shapes, floral motifs, figurative forms and lush color…She now works extensively in the publishing, fashion, advertising, and paper products industries creating illustrations and surface designs for clients across the world.”*

watercolor plashes + textured papers + line drawings

I was initially attracted to her organic flowering lines. And as with many of the artists that inspire me, her work makes me want to take pen to paper and doodle all afternoon. Funny thing though, I have yet to do that. Jess combines the handmade techniques-watercolor and drawing- that I admire with current technology to create seemless finished pieces.

I really enjoy seeing the before and after and progress of a project.

In addition to her organic, floral drawings, her hand lettering is also something to admire, and truly an object of beauty.

Read more about Jess and view additional work on her website and stay up-to-date with her on her blog.

*Quoted text and images pulled from Jess Volinski’s website.


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