Show+Tell: Rulo Design

Today’s show and tell, Rulo Design*, is another from the Naive book.

Spread from Naive

Ruli Blume lives in Santiago, Chile. Visit her blog to view tons of her wimsical illustrations. However, unless you are fluent in Spanish, you will have to be content with just the pictures. I used Google Translate to translate her “about” paragraph below. She can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

“dreams and ideas are born here of curls that want to express … embodied emotions in illustrations that have been slowly decorating real surfaces, becoming lovingly created objects. roller is the brand of the products bearing this magical scene to cheer and to sensitize the world of other little people who draw and color their lives with those little-big gestures and details of the heart.”

“The Caged Ones” shown in the above image, as well as the owl caught my attention immediately. This artist has a beautiful use of line, combined with the right amount of solid color and shape simplification, Ruli’s illustrations are fun and flirty

The owl on t-shirts

The owl on t-shirts

Isn't the hair on the women just marvalouse? I get lost in the curls and curves of those long pony tails.

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of Ruli Blume’s blog, the last post features several drawings on scrap papers and sticky notes, the types of drawings found in sketchbooks that turn into final pieces later. Doesn’t just make you want to sit in the sun and draw flowers all afternoon?

*all images pulled from Ruliblume blog


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