Craft Shows

I am reading Craft Inc.: Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business. I checked it out from the library, but I just ordered it from Amazon since I think it will be a handy reference. And besides feeling overwhelmed by the whole process of truly starting your own business, it is a great resource for just that. I was browsing through the resource guide in the back and found a list of Craft Fairs. Unfortunetaly, none of them are near me. But for those of you living elsewhere, I thought I would share so that this holiday season you can shop handmade.

• Craftland Show is an annual holiday sale in downtown Providence, RI that celebrates all kinds of sparkly handmade objects and the people who make them.

•Dissatisfied with stencils of country ducks and painted wooden slices of watermelon, a hodge-podge of friends started the Bazaar Bizarre craft fair in Boston in 2001. Seven years later this community based event is still growing in popularity and has now spread to Cleveland, San Francisco, San Mateo and Austin, Texas!

• Art vs. Craft is Milwaukee‘s first DIY (Do It Yourself) indie market, established in fall of 2004.

>November 28th, 2009

• Handmade Arcade Pittsburgh’s first and largest independent craft fair, Handmade Arcade has become a highly-anticipated fixture of the holiday shopping season.

>Saturday, December 12th, 2009

• Maker Faire Organized by the staff of Make and Craft magazines, Maker Faire is a newfangled fair that brings together science, art, craft and engineering plus music in a fun, energized, and exciting public forum. The aim is to inspire people of all ages to roll up their sleeves and become makers. This family-friendly event showcases the amazing work of all kinds of makers–anyone who is embracing DIY and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience.

>Tententive dates:  Bay  Area May 22nd and 23rd, 2010

• Maker Faire Rhode Island Featuring hands-on workshops, building & hacking competitions, culinary crafting, garage technology, arts and creativity for sale, and robot gymnastic demonstrations, culminating with a Waterfire in the Creative Capital, Providence, RI.

• Renegade Craft Fair is a unique DIY event held annually in Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles & San Francisco. RCF has gained a reputation over the last six years as being the biggest, best and the most well-known of all the DIY craft fairs out there. The Renegade Craft Fair is one of the first events of its kind, getting its start in Chicago’s Wicker Park in 2003 and spreading like wildfire ever since!

>Holiday show December 5 & 6 in Chicago

>Holiday show December 19 & 20 in San Francisco

Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle‘s largest Indie Craft Show, was started in 2004 to showcase the work of independent crafters, artists and designers – to provide a unique, high quality, hand-crafted alternative to “big box” stores and mass produced goods.

>December 5th & 6th, 2009

Happy craft shopping!

**all event descriptions pulled from event websites.


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