Fall Festival

It was a beautiful fall day on Saturday.  A friend and I drove out to Anderson Farm to go to their Fall Festival to enjoy hot apple cider, pumpkin patches and a corn maze.

A “hay bale” ride (there was no hay on the ride) brought us to the Highland cattle, or as I like to call them “shows” (shaggy cows.) I hadn’t seen a show since my trip to Scotland in 2006.

Their legs are so stubby.

Look at that TONGUE!

Meet Oliver

I wasn’t sure I was going to get a pumpkin, but I couldn’t pass up this striped little guy. All the kids were putting their pumpkins on their heads to show off, so I had to show off Oliver in the same manner. I named him after the tracker that drove us out to the field. And he was such a deal! Tagged an “itty-bitty” he was just $2.

See those mountains? That is why I live here.

We spent about an hour in the maze. I was a bit bummed that it wasn’t the type of maze where you walk in at one place and out at another. In this maze there were 18 check points-we randomly found 9 and 10, but we weren’t trying. So we walked out at the same place we walked in.

It was actually warmer than I had hoped it would be for our Fall adventure and we were warming up in the sun. We had to ditch our sweatshirts in the car and even my long sleeve shirt was too much.


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