I actually finished sewing the curtains last Wednesday. But then I had to pick up curtain rods.

I didn't have to wait for the rotary blade to finish the curtains, I just didn't want to double turn the edges

The rings match the fabric perfectly!

A trip to Home Depot landed us 2 new small plants and 2 nickel curtain rods. The only problem was that the ends of the curtain rods were shiny silver. I bough the rods incase we couldn’t find anything else we liked, it would save the trip back to Home Depot. A trip to Lowe’s resulted in no curtain rods but new curtain rings. I was able to get 14 nickel rings for $5.50, instead of seven in a pack for $10 that I had purchased at Target a few months back. Then a trip to Target to return the original curtain rings and to check on curtain rods. After two trips to two separate Targets (the first had the nickel curtain rods but not the right length) we decided to stick with the original Home Depot rods. Target’s rods were the right color all the way through but were a little more expensive and added a trip back to Home Depot.

I begged the BF to hang the rods Friday night because I couldn’t wait any longer to see the final results of the project that has taken all summer. So they have been up for 5 days, but I haven’t posted photos because as you will see in the before photo below, our living room/dinning room is a bit tore up right now. We discovered black mold under a speaker and are waiting for our apartment management to deal with the problem. Our windows had been leaking earlier in the summer-now fixed, but we just never realized the water had gotten over as far as it did.

So here are a few sneak peak photos. I was sitting at the table last night and looked up to see such a great color scheme, I had to take a picture.

The recently bought fruit, the new curtains and new “Keep Calm and Carry On” print looks so bright and homey. And that is what the curtains have done: make the apartment more homey and cozy. I’ll post more photos once the downstairs a little more clean up.


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