Wedding Work

One of my biggest fans, Janet, is a dear friend here in Denver-well now Steam Boat Springs. She’s not the creative type and adores the work that I do. So much that she asked me to create 2 specially made wedding cards for friends getting married this summer. I was honored that she thought so highly of my work.

I had waited to post this first card until after the wedding and then forgot about it. You may recognize the art, as I used “What Would You Give Up?” as the base for the outdoor inspired card.

"May your love for eachother be greater than your love for the outdoors."

"May your love for eachother be greater than your love for the outdoors."

Janet was also kind enough to recommend me to her friend, Rose, to design wedding invites. I had one month to design, approve, print and send the invites up to Michigan.


This was my favorite.



After the first 3 designs were done, the bride-to-be expressed a desire for geometric shapes. The bottom 2 designs were a response to this request. These two were created by scanning in scraps of fabric.



Below are the final pieces. I did an auto trace on the fabric to create cleaner lines and bring the colors in line with the plum and wine the bride chose.




Janet had informed me that she was going to want me to design a personalized wedding card for Rose. Her boyfriend had been in charge of formally asking me to create the card. He had forgotten and asked me last minute. With a few days to create, I used my original artwork again as a base. “Wish Upon a Star” was cropped with the addition of text to create the original card.


Love Birds...and then were were two. Lovely wishes from us to you!

You may notice that the brown fabric on the right is the same piece of fabric I scanned in for Rose’s invites. It was a great serendipitous accident!

Additionaly, I am working on wedding invites for Janet’s bestie. Fortunately, her wedding is not until next September so we have plenty of time for the project. Janet has also informed me that when the time comes for her, I will be designing her wedding invites as well. In fact, one day she expressed the desire to get married right now just so that I could design her invites.

I look forward to and dread the day I will design my own invites. Designing for yourself is one of the hardest tasks because nothing ever seems done. I see why some design firms ask other firms to design their identity. Fortunately, I don’t have to think about that for awhile.


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