Where the Wild Things Are

ug, I had the whole post typed out and hit publish and gone. the whole thing. so let’s try again.

Do you remember the book?

I remember the book, but it actually doesn’t hold a special place in my childhood memories. I think my aunt had a copy of the book, but I personally never owned one.

Picture 1

I am looking forward to the movie though. I just get a good feeling watching the previews and those are the types of movies I like to watch. There are enough terrible things in this world that I don’t need to watch those scary bloody movies. In fact, I straight up to refused to watch them after seeing Hostel years back. Most thrillers make me anxious and I make myself anxious enough as it is. Comedy’s are great for lazy Saturdays, but I love a good movie. Something that makes me feel better about life and the world. I only own 2 dvds for this reason: Garden State and Into the Wild. Both also have amazing soundtracks, which I think Where the Wild Things Are will have as well.

I will be waiting for October 16, although I probably won’t be at the theater opening day. As excited as I was about Harry Potter, it took me several weeks before I got to that movie.


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