My 1984 sewing machine handed down from my mom.

My 1984 sewing machine handed down from my mom.

Do you believe it? I got the sewing machine out last night and sewed! The curtains aren’t finished, but I got almost to the half way point.  The print and solid pieces have been sewed together on 2 panels and then the two sides have been hemmed. I was going to sew the top and bottom, but realized I needed the new pinking shear blade that I ordered from Joann’s online last week.

I have always loved the look of the pinked edge and finally ordered the extra blade for my rotary cutter-a must have for any sewer or crafter. The rotary cutter is by far one of my favorite tools! I’m excited to actually use the pinking blade for it’s intended purpose-to reduce frayed edges. I could double turn the edges of the fabric before sewing it, but I want to make this as easy as possible, so a pinked edge and one turned seam it is.

I received the confirmation today that my order from Joann’s shipped so in a few days I should have my pinking blade and finish off the bottom of the curtains. I should have the other 2 panels ready by then as well.


Here’s a recap of the curtain project:

I bought Amy Butler‘s Optic in Linen and am sewing a panel across the top of some off white fabric I picked up in town. Nothing fancy. But I would say making your own curtains is definitely for the “pleasure” of making your own curtains. It may or may not be cheaper than buying pre-made. It depends on how you value your time, the fabric you pick and the size of your windows. Staying motivated is key and having a large space is helpful, although I have manage fine with the floor.

What I realized, is that there really is not a lot of actual sewing involved in sewing. There is planning-oh the planning! And measuring and cutting-and freaking out about cutting. Then the pinning and the pressing. Then some sewing. More pressing. I had an entire monologue about sewing running through my head last night, perfect for my blog. But it is too hard to take notes and sew so I am trying to remember the thoughts from last night.

This was were the fabric sat for 2+ weeks ready for me to sew after ironing

This was where the fabric sat for 2+ weeks ready for me to sew after ironing

The joys of working on the floor.

The joys of working on the floor.



Yes, the seam ripper came out.

I was really wanting to completely finish one panel so I measured, pressed, pinned and sewed the top seam. Half way through I realized that the seam was crooked because the fabric was cut skewed (and the raw edge ready did need the pinked edge). I didn’t finish tearing out the seam because that is a better task to do while watching T.V. I didn’t want to waste my sewing mojo. So I went back to pressing and pinning and sewing.

More pressing.

More pressing.


2 panels sewn and back to the resting place.

2 panels sewn and back to the resting place.

I was almost done for the evening and almost managed to make it through without burning myself. Which is a surprise since I was working on the floor with a small ironing pad and lots of fabric. Today I have a small ‘V’ shaped burn on the top of my hand. A wound for my work.


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