New Shop

While I was deciding about opening my Etsy shop again, I opened a shop at Artfire. Artfire is a “free community designed to let artisans promote their handmade products and crafts while celebrating unique handmade items and designs.” I had actually forgotten I had “opened” this shop, hoping I was going to add more items to it. But I remembered today and rather than wait to unveil the shop, I’m sharing with you now. It takes so long to prep files for the shop and my home internet is slow, so there are only 5 times posted.


I should have my Etsy shop open again soon-ish. I have recruited by BFF to help me post to Etsy, I’ll just have to get all the files together. Again, the never ending list. I start to get overwhelmed when I think about the “business” side of my art and wish I could afford to hire someone to do it all for me. But I have to push through it myself solo until I make it big enough to hire someone on.


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