The Reality of It

Well I was not as productive as I had hoped to be over the weekend. The biggest “failure” was not finishing the curtains. But this was because we went camping last minute Sunday-Monday. When we returned Monday afternoon, all I could think about was cleaning the house. So I scrubbed the kitchen counters and even got down on my hands and knees to scrub the kitchen floor. I was in bed by 9pm last night.

I did accomplish a few things on my list though and nothing was urgent, except mailing my artwork which I totally forgot about and must do tomorrow.

The Labor Day To-Do List:

-#1 Finish curtains. I have ironed the fabric, cut the fabric and pinned the fabric. Now I must sew the fabric. A proper post will follow.

the other items are not ranked in any particular order
go to Saturday’s farmer’s market. Just barely made it before it closed to score some peaches, tomatoes, pears and rib-eye steak.
-check out Sears(found a $5 off coupon in the paper)  and Bed Bath and Beyond (just signed up for their mailing list and have a 20% off coupon) for curtain rods, 1 king sheet and a bed skirt for the bed. We put the bed skirt on the bed last night and it already looks a million times better. Although I’m thinking I need to iron it, it’s so wrinkled out of the package.
-take myself out to coffee and read my book! it arrived Wednesday night and I was so happy just stroking the pages. Yes, I know weird, but I love books.
-go to the Unique Thrift store, LOVE this place.
-mail artwork to MSUM for their graphic design reunion show, have I already been out of college 2 years?
-shop Costco (I made the list)
-hopefully some pool side lounging (I was in my swim suit and actually made it to the pool gate only to find out our key doesn’t work, so I weeded instead)
go hiking
-finish custom wedding card for a friend.

I will have to continue to add to the list as now I am applying to be in an Art and Craft show sponsored by Denver Handmade Alliance. And I found out about Holiday Handmade, a craft show in December sponsored by Fancy Tiger. Between applications and production I will be busy. But good things to be busy with as I really want to work on expanding Lexisworks and pushing for more exposure.

I had amazing sales at Rejuvanest for the month of August and am super excited that 5 pieces of art sold from my show. A ton of prints and cards sold as well. I am a success! If you’ll be in Denver be sure to hit up her shop starting September 11, EVERYTHING will be 20% off! That includes my work as well.

I have been trying real hard to take more pictures of what I’m doing and I have gotten better, I just have to work on getting the pictures posted here. Stay tuned for curtains and camping photos!


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