Marching Elephant

I have been wanting to expand beyond just the birds, as cute as they are. I have finally drawn up some elephants to try out in some new work. With the possibility of craft shows this fall and winter I will be needing to replenish my stock of finished work. Half of my work from my show has sold so I won’t be able to count on that for much longer it looks like.


The elephant ears would be a great place to work with patterned paper or fabric. These are just digital versions right now. The next step is to start cutting up some paper.

I will also need to start thinking about Christmas pretty quick too. I will revive last year’s card and add one or two more to the line up. Holiday elephants?


One thought on “Marching Elephant

  1. Elle says:

    I love the idea of holiday elephants! What about dancing elephants? However, I think you should rename them Elle-ephants! Oh snap! Have you had any other animal ideas? What about lions and tigers and bears….Oh my!

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