Long Weekend

Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? Or are you letting it flow along?

I plan on doing a little of both. There had been original ideas of leaving town and going camping. But we didn’t know if the BF had to work so we will be staying in town and giving him a chance to relax and enjoy the weekend off.

I have a list of tasks to accomplish this weekend:

#1 Finish curtains. I have ironed the fabric, cut the fabric and pinned the fabric. Now I must sew the fabric. A proper post will follow.
the other items are not ranked in any particular order
-go to Saturday’s farmer’s market
-check out Sears(found a $5 off coupon in the paper)  and Bed Bath and Beyond (just signed up for their mailing list and have a 20% off coupon) for curtain rods, 1 king sheet and a dust ruffle for the bed.
-take myself out to coffee and read my book! it arrived Wednesday night and I was so happy just stroking the pages. Yes, I know weird, but I love books.
-go to the Unique Thrift store, LOVE this place.
-mail artwork to MSUM for their graphic design reunion show, have I already been out of college 2 years?
-shop Costco
-hopefully some pool side lounging
-go hiking

If you’re looking for things to do, check Keri Smith‘s list of things to do.


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